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Zero to Three Day Directional Long Gamma and Vega Trade

What is the Slingshot Hedge?

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The Slingshot Hedge is a 0,1 or 2 day directional trade. Luc trades SPX options but ES futures options can also be used for small accounts as there are no pattern day trader restrictions.

The trade starts as a directional trade similar to a risk reversal. Once the trade generates enough profit, the trade is converted normally converted to a risk free position.

Large market moves can produce large wins. Luc had a $10,000 trade in September that made $11,124 the same day! Unlike futures, these trades have limited risk.

The trades are Long Vega and Long Gamma and can enhance your portfolio, especially in volatile markets.

There are typically 3-5 trades per week.

Trades are delivered via private Slack channel.

Luc Van Hof walks through the Slingshot Hedge

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Trade Alerts and Trading Room Are For Educational Purposes Only

The purpose of the Slingshot Hedge Alerts is to provide information how Luc Van Hof trades.
The alert service is intended to show you examples for you get ideas for your own trades.

The Slingshot Hedge Alerts

  • Normally 3-5 trades per week
  • Trades can be 0, 1 or 2 days to expiration
  • Trades will be on SPX options
  • ES futures options can be used
  • Trades are delivered via private Slack channel
  • Trades are live during the U.S. regular trading hours.
  • Dedicated discussion Slack channel

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$500 Per Quarter

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