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Boxcar Trade Alerts

A weekly trade to grow your account quickly.

Cyber Holiday Special Price. The price will be raised to $497 after class starts on Monday, December 6, 2021

What is the Boxcar Trade?

The Boxcar strategy is a short term neutral strategy with a high win rate and the ability to make quick and steady profits while keeping any drawdowns small.

The initial set up of the trade is created precisely to allow the underlying a lot of wiggle room to the upside and downside without a lot of risk, while taking advantage of bringing in Theta quickly for quick profits that can average 2% to 5% per week.

The Boxcar was developed by Dr. Dan Harvey who shared his methodologies and techniques of the strategy with Tom Nunamaker. As you may know Dan and Tom have worked together on a variety of option strategies over the years as well as trade alerts and workshops. Now that Dan is retired he has passed the teaching baton of this strategy onto Tom so that she can share it as a trade alert service.

Boxcar Trade Overview

  • One or two trades each week
  • Historically ~80% probability of wins
  • Short term - most are closed within a few days
  • Simple setups and simple adjustments if needed
  • Low Vega trade with low sensitivity to volatility
  • Preservation of capital with weekly income = positive expectancy
  • Can be traded on Stocks and Indexes which allows for multiple opportunities each week.
  • Scalable - trades can be scaled up if desired

Boxcar Performance

Closed Trades

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
2022   2.56% 10.89% 6.13% -0.15% -4.42% 4.45% 5.41%         26.83%
Compounded Annual Growth Rate 50.89%
Annual Volatility 27.16%

Open Live Trade

Description Opened DIT Maximum
Yield on
Max Margin
TRADE 022 - 26 Aug 2022 SPX Boxcar Trade 15 Aug 2022 4 $14,400 $24 0.17%
Unrealized Gain $24

What You'll Get

  • Core Concepts of the Boxcar Trade.
  • Guidelines for the Boxcar Trade (including: Entry, Adjustments, and Exit).
  • Access to Tom's latest planning and monitoring Excel spreadsheet. (live data source is thinkorswim)
  • Live trades that you can follow to learn the Boxcar Trade.
  • Additional Adjustment options that can be used.
  • Weekly reviews. Most live so you can get your questions answered.
  • All weekly meetings are recorded and available for playback.

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Trade Alerts Are For Educational Purposes Only

The purpose of the Boxcar Trade Alerts is to provide information how Tom and Dan trade.
The alert service is intended to show you examples for you get ideas for your own trades.

The Boxcar Trade Alerts

The Boxcar Trade Alerts will start soon.

  • Core concepts of the Boxcar Trade
  • Guidelines for the Boxcar Trade (including entry, adjustment and exit)
  • Live trades that you can follow to learn the Boxcar Trade.
  • Additional adjustment options that can be used
  • Dedicated discussion forum
  • Weekly review meetings or recordings available for replay.

Get the Boxcar Trade Alerts for $125 per month

Discounts available for quarterly, six month and annual subscriptions.

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