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Enigma Trade Alerts

A longer term futures system with excellent reward and risk metrics.

Cyber Holiday Special Price. The price will be raised to $497 after class starts on Monday, December 6, 2021

What is the Enigma Trade System?

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The Enigma trading system is a long term strategy. It combines three different time frames to determine what direction and how many ES futures contracts to trade.

The trading system uses a combination of up to five ES (or Micro ES) futures contracts. With an average of approximately three trades per week, the Enigma's CAGR is just over 50% per year with a maximum draw down in the last 20-years of -18%.

The Enigma Trade System was developed by Luc Van Hof. Luc was a floor trader for Morgan Stanley and has been running his own fund for over three decades.

Luc Introduced the Enigma Trade Alerts
on the Round Table on May 5, 2022

Enigma Trade Overview

  • One or two trades each week
  • Historically ~80% probability of wins
  • Short term - most are closed within a few days
  • Simple setups and simple adjustments if needed
  • Low Vega trade with low sensitivity to volatility
  • Preservation of capital with weekly income = positive expectancy
  • Can be traded on Stocks and Indexes which allows for multiple opportunities each week.
  • Scalable - trades can be scaled up if desired

Enigma Performance

What You'll Get

  • Core Concepts of the Enigma Trade.
  • Guidelines for the Enigma Trade (including: Entry, Adjustments, and Exit).
  • Access to Tom's latest planning and monitoring Excel spreadsheet. (live data source is thinkorswim)
  • Live trades that you can follow to learn the Enigma Trade.
  • Additional Adjustment options that can be used.
  • Weekly reviews. Most live so you can get your questions answered.
  • All weekly meetings are recorded and available for playback.

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Trade Alerts Are For Educational Purposes Only

The purpose of the Enigma Trade Alerts is to provide information how Tom and Dan trade.
The alert service is intended to show you examples for you get ideas for your own trades.

The Enigma Trade Alerts

The Enigma Trade Alerts have started!

  • Core concepts of the Enigma Trade
  • Guidelines for the Enigma Trade (including entry, adjustment and exit)
  • Live trades that you can follow to learn the Enigma Trade.
  • Additional adjustment options that can be used
  • Dedicated discussion forum
  • Weekly review meetings or recordings available for replay.
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Get the Enigma Trade Alerts for $125 per month

Discounts available for quarterly, six month and annual subscriptions.

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