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SPX 0DTE Trade Alerts

Daily trades to grow your account quickly.

Cyber Holiday Special Price. The price will be raised to $497 after class starts on Monday, December 6, 2021

What is the SPX 0DTE Trade?

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The SPX 0DTE strategy is a trading strategy with options that expire the same day. The trades have a high win rate and the ability to make quick and steady profits while keeping any drawdowns small.

The trades have two advantages:

  • Probabilities are in your favor - We typically sell vertical spreads with short strikes of approximately 10-15. This means the probability of expiring at the end of the day are roughly 75% or 80%.
  • Technical analysis enhances the probabilities more in your favor - We use technical analysis to take trades with a directional bias, which enhances the probabilities of success.

Tom Nunamaker and Dan Harvey presented the SPX 0DTE Trade on the Round Table on March 17, 2022

SPX 0DTE Trade Overview

  • One or two SPX options trades each day
  • Historically ~80% probability of wins. First month returns were +39%
  • Short term - trades are closed the same day.
  • No overnight or weekend risk
  • Can be traded in an account as small as $500
  • Scalable - trades can be scaled up if desired

SPX 0DTE Live Performance in a $500 account

Trade History

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
2022   16.07% 62.52% -30.17% 31.73%
Compounded Annual Growth Rate 202.22%
Annual Volatility 261.44%
NOTE: We started trading multiple trades per day on 31 Oct 2022, which is when the equity curve started a steeper ascent.

What You'll Get

  • Guidelines for the SPX 0DTE Trade (including: Entry, Adjustments, and Exit).
  • Access to the latest Day Trading Excel thinkorswim spreadsheet.
  • Live trades during market hours that you can follow to learn the SPX 0DTE Trade.
  • Additional Adjustment options that can be used.
  • All meetings are recorded and available for playback.

Tom Nunamaker walks through the SPX 0DTE Day Trading Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet pulls live data from the thinkorswim platform. Data is updated in real time.
Many have said that the spreadsheet is worth the price of a subscription!

Trade Alerts Are For Educational Purposes Only

The purpose of the SPX 0DTE Trade Alerts is to provide information how Tom and Dan trade.
The alert service is intended to show you examples for you get ideas for your own trades.

The SPX 0DTE Trade Alerts

The SPX 0DTE Trade Alerts will start soon.

  • Daily live zoom meeting during first several market hours
  • Guidelines for the SPX 0DTE Trade (including entry, adjustment and exit)
  • Access to the latest day trading Excel thinkorswim spreadsheet
  • Additional adjustment options that can be used
  • Dedicated discussion forum
  • All meetings are recorded and available for playback

Join the SPX 0DTE Trade Alerts for $25 per week

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