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0 DTE Options Trading Workshop

What are 0 Days-to-Expiration (DTE) Options Trades?

0 DTE option trades are trades that expire the same day the trade is entered. These trades are commonly referred to as "0 DTE", "same-day expiration" or "same-day expiry" trades.

SPX options now have daily expirations and plenty of available liquidity. This is why we primarily trade SPX options.

There are many ways to trade 0 DTE options that include directional or non-directional trades. We primarily focus on non-directional trades but traders can take a directional position using options in different ways.

What are the strategies covered in the workshop?

These are the main strategies that were covered in the workshop:

What else is in the workshop?

We want you to have the training and tools to be successful with 0 DTE options trading. We are including the following with the workshop:

Watch the Round Table about 0 DTE trading

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0 DTE Workshop Overview

Session 1

Amy Meissner, Dan Harvey, Tom Nunamaker, Wayne Klump and Scot Ruble

  • Kick Off Meeting

Session 2

Amy Meissner

  • Amy will cover the different approaches of 0DTE trading, the strategies that can be utilized, and the key elements of what to look for when evaluating a 0DTE strategy.

Session 3

Wayne Klump

  • How to allocate capital with proper diversification across different strategies using known risk metrics...and why you should.

Session 4

Dan Harvey and Tom Nunamaker

  • The Narrow Iron Condor
    • Trade guidelines
    • Trade examples
    • Using the Narrow Iron Condor Expediter (NICE) Spreadsheet

Session 5

Dan Harvey and Tom Nunamaker

  • Live trading of the Narrow Iron Condor recording

Session 6

Wayne Klump

  • Structural edges and using fundamental metrics to balance risk across multiple strategies
  • An introduction to the Adapt Intraday Options

Session 7

Scot Ruble from StrategemTrade

  • Unbalanced Condors

Session 8

Scot Ruble from StrategemTrade

  • The Morning Fade
  • Trading the MOC Imbalance
  • Short Butterfly

Session 9

Scot Ruble from StrategemTrade

  • Live trading recording

Session 10

Amy Meissner

  • The Wide Iron Butterfly

Session 11

Amy Meissner

  • Amy's Iron Condor Variations

Session 12

Tom Nunamaker

  • Jim Olsen Iron Butterfly
  • Breakeven Iron Condor
  • Asymmetric Risk Butterflies
  • Vertical Spreads

Session 13

Tom Nunamaker

  • Spreadsheets walk through

Session 14

Tom Nunamaker

  • Live trading recording

Order The 0 DTE Options Trading Workshop Now: $597

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