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Amy Meissner's AIC-22 Workshop

Learn How to Thrive in Any Market with this Proven, All-Weather Option Strategy

Starts on Thursday 28 March 2024 at 4:15 PM Eastern. In...

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Who is Amy Meissner?

Amy began exploring options trading while still working in the software and multimedia industries in the mid-1990's, trading credit spreads in the SPX. It was hit or miss back then, but wanting to learn more and get serious about making a living trading options, Amy felt encouraged to come back and give the options initiative another look in 2005. After garnering a steady earnings stream and making continuous efforts to improve the quality of her trading strategies, she made options trading her full time occupation in 2006. Along the way she found some good mentors who gave her the confidence to refine proven methodologies and make them uniquely her own.

Amy's specialty is options trading for monthly income using high probability option strategies. She is an active member in the options trading world, and is a sought-after webinar leader. Within the professional options trading community, Amy is known as a stable, disciplined trader who calmly manages her risk throughout the life of the trade even in volatile market conditions. She will tweak her approach slightly from time to time, making small adjustments here and there as the market moves and changes, but consistency is her distinguishing virtue. Amy's steady confidence and sound methodology have rewarded her with steady returns, year after year.

What is the AIC-22 Trade?

The AIC-22 is an All Weather Strategy that can profit whether the market rallies or crashes.

The trade is an asymmetric iron condor that was refined in Amy's first AIC(aka Weirdor) course. This workshop is an updated version.

The strategy has been consistent for years.

AIC-22 Equity Growth Chart
Trades Wins Losses
70 63 (90%) 7 (10%)
Average +2.46% -1.86%
Largest +6.18% -5.35%
Max consecutive wins 33
Max consecutive losses 2

This trading strategy has remarkable resilience, with the ability the turn a profit even during the COVID crash of March 2020

Watch Amy Introducing the AIC-22

Why choose the AIC-22?

  • All-Weather Resilience: Built to withstand and capitalize in a variety of market conditions, including explosive rallies and steep crashes.
  • Robust Risk Management: Ability to profit even in a market crash
  • Consistent Monthly Income: Developed to deliver consistent returns on a monthly basis.
  • High Success Rate: Statistically 85% or higher
  • Controlled Losses: Strategically designed to keep losses manageable, fostering a positive expectancy for consistent gains.
  • Tactical Trading Plan: Integrates specific entry, adjustment, and exit tactics for strategic trade execution.
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What others say about the AIC...

You have inspired me throughout the YEARS. Your calm demeanor and confidence in what you do is very reassuring. You are a rock star and I really believe that.

The simple trade method and clarity Amy shares. The way she communicates her trades and adjustments are very logical. She trades it and adjusts it just as she says she does. Plain English. Low stress trade.

Jon R

Thanks Amy! I am a believer in your strategy. I went back to 10/10/2008 and using your criteria (my test of all stratiegies!) and it actually made money! It is backtested on OptionNet Explorer. Only one I ever backtested that came out profitable. And was a low maintenance trade!

Rick V

Liked that the trade's did not overlap which results in less required capital. -

Barry F

Trading your strategy has allowed us to generate enough monthly income to pay for our multi-month trips to Europe and the Caribbean and to donate to our favorite charities, as well.

Again, thank you VERY MUCH and ALL THE BEST!

Bob H

Amy is great. She has organized and very clearly presented videos.

Peter A

Amy Meissner is doing a great job, enjoyed the way Amy Meissner shows and explains the trades

Rudy D

Well presented.

Barry F


You are doing a great job with the service. It is a great value to me. I appreciate your attention to detail.

Bill B

I love that Amy is showing that a "condor trade for wimps" actually works - her adjustment points are so close and the deltas she's carrying are so small, my first reaction to a system like this would be that it couldn't be consistently profitable at a level that would impress anyone ... but I believe she has shown it can be done

Steve S


I admire how you created a strategy, honed it and executed it with much confidence and discipline.

You also communicate very clearly and are humble about your accomplishments.

Brooks R

Are you ready to...

  • Master market neutrality, executing a strategy that can thrive in any market condition—up, down, or sideways.
  • Remove upside risk, enjoying peace of mind from minimized exposure, especially during unforeseen rallies.
  • Capitalize on corrections and crashes by leveraging tactics that can turn potential losses into substantial profits.
  • Preserve and grow your capital by focusing on strategies that protect against significant losses.
  • Implement an easy and uncomplicated trading style, simplifying decision-making and reducing stress.
  • Achieve a high probability of wins with a system designed for consistent success.
  • Be fully prepared to trade through and profit from the next market crash, knowing some of your biggest wins could occur during downturns.

Get Amy's AIC-22 Workshop

Regular Price Will Be $697

Special Introductory Price of $497 Expires Soon

  • Core Concepts of the AIC-22 Strategy
  • Rules and Guidelines (including: Entry, Adjustments, and Exit) for SPX and RUT
  • Several Step by Step Examples in Up, Down, and Choppy markets (SPX and RUT)
  • Complete trade logs of the SPX and RUT backtests
  • BONUS: example trades using a lower margin version
  • BONUS: Weekly strategy that can be traded with as little as $500 margin and has limited need for adjustments (includes set up, adjustment options, exit, examples and trade log.)
  • Private forum for students to interact with each other
  • Classes will be recorded live which allows for live Q&A sessions to answer your questions
  • BONUS: An additional live Q&A session will be scheduled 30-60 days after the original live classes
  • All classes and bonus sessions will be recorded and available for playback
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