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Easy Peasy Iron Condor Class

Who am I?

I am Tom Nunamaker. I founded Aeromir in Jan 2018 and have been trading options since 1982 before I joined the Air Force to fly. I've traded options for many years and started as a gathering place for like minded option traders. I run a weekly trading group, a daily 0 DTE trading room and trade every day.

My favorite trade is the Easy Peasy Iron Condor as it immediately puts stops on both sides of the iron condor so you'll never blow up your account trading this strategy. Returns are excellent and because I trade same day expirations so there is no over night or weekend risk!

What are Easy Peasy Iron Condor?

Easy Peasy Iron Condor trade is a 0 Days-to-expiration (DTE) iron condor trade that expire the same day the trade is entered. These trades are commonly referred to as "0 DTE", "same-day expiration" or "same-day expiry" trades.

I average about 3 trades per day. Sometimes I can exit in 15-40 minutes, while other times I hold to expiration. I use multiple stops for each side of the condor.

The EPIC trade uses SPX options as they are very liquid and have daily expirations.

What are the strategies covered in the class?

These are the main strategies that will be covered in the class:

My live results since 6 November 2023 through 29 January 2024

Account size: $50,000.00
Trading days: 55
Total trades: 160
Net profit: $8,186.85
Return +16.3737% since 6 November 2023
Annualized return: 75.021%
Monthly return: 6.252%
Daily average profit/loss: $148.85
Daily average return: 0.298%
Average of 2.909 Trades per day
Win percent: 75.625%
Lose percent: 24.375%
Expected yield on margin per trade was +3.0867%
Average yield on margin per trade was +0.6501%
Average losing trade -4.998% on margin
Average winning trade +2.471% on margin
Commissions were $5,965.63 which were 42.153% of gross trade proceeds.

What else is included with the classs?

I want you to have the training and tools to be successful with 0 DTE Iron Condor trading. I am including the following with the class:

Watch the Round Table about Easy Peasy Iron Condor

Order The Easy Peasy Iron Condors Class Now: $295

Easy Peasy Iron Condor Class Schedule

Class #1 - Tuesday 30 Jan 2024 at 4:15 P.M. Eastern

Tom Nunamaker

The EPIC Spreadsheet
John Einar Sandvand's Breakeven Iron Condor (BEIC)

Class #2 - Thursday 1 Feb 2024 at 4:15 P.M. Eastern

Tom Nunamaker

Tammy Chambless's Multiple Entry Iron Condor (MEIC)

Class #3 - Tuesday 6 Feb 2024 at 4:15 P.M. Eastern

Tom Nunamaker

Tom's Easy Peasy Iron Condor (EPIC)

Class #4 - Thursday 8 Feb 2024 at 11:30 A.M. Eastern

Tom Nunamaker

Live trading and Q&A

Bonus Class - Tuesday 13 Feb 2024 at 4:15 P.M. Eastern

Tom Nunamaker

Technical Analysis and chart reading for iron condor traders

Order The Easy Peasy Iron Condors Class Now: $295

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